PILLA Math is a self-funded, innovative, educational research & development initiative.

A PILLA Math Promoter is any person over the age of 18 years or a legal business or organization which promotes PILLA Math for a commission.

An annual subscription fee of US$99 or the equivalent is charged to applicants. On approval and the payment of the initial subscription fee, the applicant becomes a PILLA Math Promoter and is allocated a Unique Promotion Code (UPC). Persons registering to access PILLA Math lessons are given the option to include a valid UPC. For each registration with a valid UPC, the PILLA Math Promoter's Account is immediately credited US$10 or the equivalent, while the registered PILLA Math user receives a discount of US$5 or the equivalent.

A PILLA Math Promoter can access his account online to check his account balance and transaction history in real-time. On the 28th day of each calendar month, commencing 28th November 2019, the total credit balance is paid to a bank account specified and owned by the PILLA Math Promoter.

N.B. Commissions are paid to PILLA Math Promoters in the same currency that they use to pay their annual subscriptions.