Sample Math Lesson 1

Sample Lesson 1

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Sample Lesson 1

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Most problems encountered in mathematics result from flaws in the fundamental concepts. Therefore, PILLA Math puts great emphasis on ensuring that users gain a thorough understanding of the basic concepts of mathematics before moving on to perceivably difficult areas of the subject. For this reason, PILLA Math lessons are available in episodes. Episode 1 contains 16 sequential lessons; each lesson is accompanied by an infinite number of questions and answers. Users may do any number of untimed questions or elect to do a timed test at any time. However, in order to gain access to the next lesson, a user must achieve a minimum score of 90% in a timed test.

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Unlimited Access to 16 PILLA MATH Lessons

Unlimited No. of Marked Exercises/Tests with Answers

Each Marked Exercise/Test is Saved & Accessible at Anytime

Unlimited Free Access to Future Enhancements & Upgrades


It Is Suggested That The Teacher Divides Each Period Into 4 Segments.

Segment 1:

Revision of previous topics.

Segment 2:

The teacher should play the entire PILLA video-lesson without interruption. (Topic of the day).

Segment 3:

The teacher should give the class an assortment of 10 questions based on the PILLA video-lesson, given one at a time. The teacher should correct and explain each question before moving on to the next one. This segment should not exceed 10 minutes.

Segment 4:

If time permits, the teacher should dedicate the remainder of the period to building the spelling and vocabulary capacity of the students. The students should be made to note new words encountered during the PILLA video-lesson and their spelling. Further, the teacher may introduce synonyms to those new words.


PILLA MATH lessons range from elementary school to college level work.
No assistance is needed to complete PILLA MATH lessons.
Each PILLA MATH lesson is 5 minutes or less in duration but is thorough, engaging and very easy to follow. Therefore, very little time is needed to complete and master a math topic.
After completing a PILLA MATH lesson, the user should be proficient in the topic covered.
After each lesson, there are an infinite number of practice exercises available on the topic covered.
After an exercise is done by the user, it is automatically marked, and a score is immediately returned.
PILLA avoids learning by mindless memorization. For example, where a rule or a law is involved, it would be arrived at by a series of clear and logical steps.
During each PILLA MATH lesson, emphasis is placed on repetition and illustrated examples to consolidate understanding, learning and memorizing.
In contrast to a monologue, each PILLA MATH lesson is a compelling conversation between or among 2 or 3 characters: Teach- who is a knowledgeable math professor; Eyeball- who is an eager student; and Trunk- who is considered, by Eyeball, to be less talented.
Each lesson has a different environmental setting for visual stimulation, variety and uniqueness.




1. PILLA MATH can help teachers incorporate digital content into their classes.

2. PILLA MATH frees the teacher to do a lot more in one class period.

3. PILLA MATH leaves the teacher with more time to assess students.

4. PILLA MATH leaves the teacher with more time to work with weaker students.



1. PILLA MATH offers students easy, bite size explanations to complex math topics.

2. PILLA MATH brings boring, dusty math books and classrooms to life, digitally in full colour.

3. After every lesson, PILLA MATH offers students many exercises on each topic so they can practice their newly acquired knowledge.

4. Because PILLA MATH lessons are short and easy, children have more time to PLAY!


Parents And Guardians

1. Parents can prepare themselves with PILLA MATH lessons, so they can assist their children with their math homework.

2. In the privacy of their homes, PILLA MATH can help parents fill gaps they may wish to fill in their math, without exposing their deficiencies to others.

3. PILLA MATH gives parents the opportunity to learn math topics that they never understood or were never taught in school.

4. Exposure to PILLA MATH will remove any fear of math that a parent may have.

5. As opposed to private classes or a correspondence course, PILLA MATH is an extremely economical means of perusing a math education.



1. Since PILLA MATH topics progress sequentially from elementary to advanced topics, it presents a comprehensive math curriculum to the homeschooled.

2. Since explanations in each PILLA MATH lesson are thorough, simple and repetitive, the homeschooler should have absolutely no difficulty understanding a PILLA MATH lesson.

3. PILLA MATH gives homeschoolers the opportunity to learn at their own pace.

4. The homeschooled students may repeat a PILLA MATH video lesson as many times as they want.

5. Unlike formal school, homeschoolers are not confined to a fixed timetable.



1. A PILLA MATH lesson does not require any additional explanation to any topic covered.

2. A PILLA MATH lesson is self-contained and does not require a teacher.

3. A PILLA MATH lesson can be accessed at any time online or via an authorized, downloaded copy.

4. After completing a PILLA MATH lesson, an infinite number of exercises are available.

5. An independent learner may use PILLA MATH as an independent math programme or access individual lessons as may be required.

6. Disabled persons who are mainly confined at home or elsewhere can use PILLA MATH without being disadvantaged.

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